Monday, February 13, 2012

Cheap & Easy Pizza

This is one of quick & cheap meals I make once in a while. I had about 2/3 cups of pasta sauce left over from another dinner that I needed to use up. I thought I'd use it on these little pizzas and it turned out great. And certainly a can of pasta sauce is cheaper than a jar of pizza sauce.

I started with a package of whole wheat english muffins in the freezer I picked up for either $.59 on clearnace or $.99 on sale. I added 1 tablespoon each of the pasta sauce.
Next I added toppings. This is a half package of pepperoni that I regularly pick up at The Dollar Store. So $.50 of pepperoni, then some sliced olives, some feta and I put some diced onion on the non-kid ones. I just put anything on that I have, sometimes that last green onion, a bit of bell pepper, any bit of odd cheese, sometimes sausage if I don't have pepperoni, whatever.

I had a tiny, tiny bit of mozzarella but not nearly enough for this try full of mini-pizzas. So I just grated some jack and sprinkled a little parmesan on, too. Parmesan makes it smell great! Also, to help the toppings stay in place it's a good idea to sprinkle a little cheese as adhesive on the sauce before you add pepperoni.

Of course I forgot to take a picture as this was coming out of the oven, but here is a picture of the plate we set aside for Daddy. He loves olives and is a good sport about eating "kid food." He sure makes my life easy!

All told this costs about $3 for dinner and uses up lots of bits and pieces. If I don't feel like I've put many veggies on, I assuage my guilt with some canned fruit for dessert.


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