Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pantry Challenge 2012

Hi Friends,

I'm using most of my spare time (ha!) to blog over at ProjectTwentySix but am continuing my annual tradition of a Pantry Challenge to start the new year.

Basically I'm going to buy only perishable food for the next six weeks or so and try to use up my store.

Here are the two food shelves in my pantry:

Here is the the pantry top to bottom including the bulk food bins on the floor:

Here is the inside freezer:

I've been doing the Pantry Challenge all week but haven't managed to blog about it until today. Here's my shopping from earlier in the week. Note that it's all perishable except the cough drops.
My Fred Meyer was out of spinach, cheddar, kiwi and roma tomatoes so I went to different one the next day for the rest of my shopping list.

I'll try to post once a week about how the pantry challenge is going. These groceries cost $42.24


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