Thursday, January 26, 2012

2 Week Meal Plan

In an effort to make our groceries stretch 2 weeks I'm planning ahead.

Week 1 dinners:
Grilled Cheese and Minestrone Soup
Stuffed Bell Peppers - meat & corn from freezer, rice & tomato sauce from pantry
English Muffin Pizza - english muffins from freezer, spaghetti sauce from pantry
Turkey/mashed potatoes - turkey from freezer
Taco Bar at Bible study
Spinach Chicken Casserole - freezer meal swap
Russian Chicken - Crockpot meal since I won't be home for dinner

Week 2 dinners:
Beef Stroganoff - Beef from freezer, noodles from pantry
Turkey Pot Pie - Mom's night out
No meal - Wedding
Roasted Chicken - from freezer meal swap
No meal - Date Night
Macaronada - pasta from pantry, garlic from freezer (and leftover chicken)
Leftovers or freezer meal


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