Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shopping This Week $26.35

I am really trying to stick to $20/week for groceries while I am doing the Pantry Challenge 2011! This week I was foiled by a couple last minute items I needed to pick up for a Super Bowl party. I had spent a big chunk of the $20 just as the week started! Poor planning definitely hit me in the pocketbook this week.

This week's shopping included:
3 1/2 gallons organic milk - $2.29 each
ice cream - $1.99 (to go with peach pie - company for dinner)
onion - $.69/lb
pizza sauce - $.89 on clearance (kids love 'pizzas' on whole wheat english muffins)
whipping cream - $2.29 (for Super Bowl dessert)
creamer - $1.69
2 pie crusts - $1.49 on clearance (for meal swap)
2 boxes go-gurt - $1.77 sale ($.75/2 MC) = $1.39 each or $.14 per tube
sour cream - $1.50 sale ($.40 MC) = $1.10 (for Super Bowl)
bananas - $.69/lb

not pictured: green onions & shredded cheese for super bowl party, too.

Lesson Learned: Safeway coupons are only good if you spend at least $10. I made sure I had spent $10 only to discover that 'liquid diary products' are not included in that $10! The cashier graciously gave me the coupon discounts anyway, but I'll have to remember that for the future!

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