Friday, February 11, 2011

Gift Card Deals this week

Albertson's is offering a $5 off next shopping trip coupon with the purchase of a $25 gift card. Gift cards included in the deal are: Applebee's, Regal, iTunes, SpaFinder, Mastercard, Visa, Olive Garden, Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, Catherine's, and Sears.

I'm planning to buy a $25 Visa card, get my $5 coupon, then go right back in to buy diapers using the coupon and the gift card.

Safeway is also offering a gift card deal, but it's not as good as Albertson's. If you buy $50 of gift cards and a bouquet of flowers you get a $10 off next shopping trip coupon.


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  1. OK - so the VISA and Mastercard gift cards had a $3.95 activation fee. I know this would still net me $1.05, but I was just irritated on principle and didn't do the gift card deal.


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