Monday, November 1, 2010

Menu Plan

OK - so my pantry and freezer are starting to bulge again so I'm hoping to focus on using what I have on hand for meals this month, starting this week. The bulk of the grocery budget will probably go toward Thanksgiving food - I'm cooking this year.

I have a lot of bread this week so I'm incorporating it into lots of meals

Monday - Sour cream chicken (chicken in freezer, lots of sour cream)
Tuesday - Burritos (because I accidentally opened a can of refried beans a few days ago)
Wednesday - French Toast (bread)
Thursday - Tortellini (freezer)
Friday - Ribs (freezer)
Saturday - Fajitas (chicken & tortillas in freezer)
Sunday - Burgers (freezer)

Monday - grilled cheese (bread)
Tuesday - PB & J (bread) - packed lunch
Wednesday - Mac & cheese
Thursday - chicken nuggets - packed lunch
Friday - quesadillas
Saturday - tuna melts (bread)
Sunday - PB & J (bread) - packed lunch

Monday - French Toast
Tuesday - Cold Cereal
Wednesday - Oatmeal
Thursday - Bagels
Friday - Oatmeal
Saturday - Cold Cereal
Sunday - Cold Cereal


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