Thursday, February 4, 2010

February Pantry Challenge

OK - I have decided to continue the Pantry Challenge into February, but am allowing myself $75 this month since I have depleted my stockpile and have to buy a few more things to put meals together.

This is the menu plan starting with Tuesday when we got home from Disneyland:

Tuesday - Lentil Soup from freezer and BBQ Pork Ribs from freezer
Wednesday - Tuna Casserole - all ingredients from pantry except cheddar, onion, & celery.
Thursday - Baked Chicken (freezer meal), fake mashed potatoes, frozen green beans
Friday - Frozen Pizza - family movie night
Saturday - Cheesy Rotini Casserole (no chicken - so sad) - all ingredients in pantry & freezer
Sunday - Superbowl Chili - huge can in pantry I'll add frozen meat, tomato, & beans to

Next week:
Monday - ham bean soup - all ingredients in pantry & freezer
Tuesday - baked pasta - have some old shredded mozzarella in the freezer for this
Wednesday - Mexican dip - have all ingredients
Thursday - Fajitas - freezer meal

2/12 to 2/20 Out of town - will freeze several servings of leftovers for DH who will be on his own for 5 nights.

I've already done grocery shopping for this week, but will probably stop this weekend for a produce bump (like lettuce & more apples). Here's a photo from this week. The groceries were about $30.

There are some pantry items in this photo I feel like I should explain! I know there aren't many of you out there reading this, but it's great accountability! So the pasta was on sale & I had a coupon making it $0.94. I was planning baked pasta and a pasta casserole this week so I went ahead and bought it. The baby food worked out to $0.24/can which is excellent, however, it would be better to make my own so I am attempting that next week. The jars are great for travel & lunches and church, plus those little jars come in handy! I am running low on herbal tea & this was on sale for $2. A little bit of a splurge, but I hadn't decided to to the pantry challenge yet. Finally, I splurged on a can of olives since my family loves them. I don't care for them, but $1 surprise makes a very happy husband and little girls. We usually add them to salads and they last several days.

What I bought: Gallon organic milk, bananas, apples, oranges, celery, cucumber, dozen eggs, can of olives, 16 jars of baby food, box of pasta, box of tea, sour cream, & cottage cheese.


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