Monday, April 17, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 14 - $99.16

I haven't posted for 2 weeks so I have two weeks of groceries to get through tonight.  I'm exhausted.  DH and I have been staying up late the last couple of weeks researching, watching videos, and learning about LulaRoe.  I'm planning to start a business and we're 95% committed.

OK - Monday of Week 14 I went to Fred Meyer for their eggs on sale.  I wanted some for Easter.  I also bought an organic cumber, a pound of butter, bread, zucchini, clearance Pink Lady apples, clearance mango, a gallon or organic milk, bananas, cucumbers, & zucchini. I spent $24.74.

Wedneday I dropped to QFC for items needed for company coming for dinner Thursday including milk, potatoes, whipped topping, green onion & sour cream.  I was happy to find some organic milk on clearance and the organic sour cream on clearance.  I had all the kids with me so I got talked into potato chips.  I also bought creamer, bell peppers on clearance. & tomatoes on clearance.  I spent $41.20.

I was back at QFC Friday morning because I had forgotten a couple things on Wednesday including df sour cream and a gf/df pizzas.  I also found a tub of organic cream cheese on clearance.  No photo. I spent $15.67.

One more time to QFC on Saturday for  a kiddo date.  I bought organic chicken breast on sale for $5.99/lb and found croissants, organic cottage cheese, and cheese curds all on clearance.  I spent $17.55.

Week 14 Total; $99.16
YTD 2017 Total: $1,592.48
Weekly Average: $113.75


p.s. Sorry for the stretched images. I downloaded from my phone and they're not formatting the usual way.

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