Monday, April 3, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 13 - $119.75

Week 13

I avoided the store the first couple days of the week, but dashed into QFC for 2 gallons of milk on Wednesday.  Seriously, dashed in & out on the way to an appointment for one of the kids.  2 gallons of organic whole milk were $11.98

Thursday I was back at QFC, but this time it was while another kiddo was in a 30 minute appointment on a packed day.  We dropped off DD4, raced to the store, zipped in (with 4 kids), grabbed 3 items, & zipped out.  I spent $5.70 on bananas, eggs, & brown sugar.

I spent $18.37 at QFC on Friday night.  I found a bunch of stuff on clearance including toddler cookies, campbell's soup, 3 apples, several candies, lots of string cheese, and skinny girl chocolate  candies. Lots of good bargains!

Sunday afternoon I went to Costco. I spent $83.70 on groceries, but used a big rebate to only actually spend $17.53.  I'm recording the $83.70 though to try and keep my grocery cost accurate.  I bought an 8 pack of organic spaghetti, 2 cases of organic tomatoes, a case of organic black beans, cooking spray, organic chicken thighs, organic carrots, organic peanut butter, organic yellow onions, organic hummus, onion powder and organic tortilla chips.

Week 13 Total: $119.75
YTD 2017: $1,493.32
Weekly Average: $114.87


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