Sunday, July 17, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 29 - $282.41

Oh geez.  I spent a mountain this week.  And my pantry is exploding - seriously ridiculous amounts of food.  

I dashed into QFC Monday for french fries since DH and I were going out to dinner & the kids were eating at home with the babysitter.  I found 3 organic chickens on clearance for $2.09/lb.  I also got organic chicken thighs, organic baby yogurt, organic cottage cheese at $1.49, and a clearance bag of 4 bell peppers for $1.00.  I also got bananas, grapes, & cherries.  I spent $68.96.

My friend told me that a grocery store in her neighborhood was remodeling & had some great deals.  It's kind of far from my house, but I was nearby this week and dropped in.  Sure enough there was some great stuff at great prices.  I spent a pile so I won't give you the whole rundown, but here's the stuff I was most excited about:

  • GF/DF chocolate cake mix for $1.97 each
  • GF/DF confetti cake mix for $1.64 each
  • GF/DF brownie mix for $1.64 each
  • A big jar of pickles for $1.37
  • marshmallows for $0.57
  • HonestKids drink pouches for $0.99/box of 8
  • Formula bottles for $0.99 each
  • Tahini for $1.99 each
  • organic gf noodles for $1.12
  • organic tomato sauce for $0.59 each
  • quinoa burgers for $0.99/box of 4 
  • shelf stable soy milk for camping $0.99 each
  • So Delicious coconut milk creamer, also shelf stable for $0.99 each
  • also got juice, baby crackers, gallon of organic milk, organic celery, non-butter, organic dry beans, organic canned beans, tea, salad dressing, nutrigrain bars, organic baby cereal, and gf spice cake mix.  
Really, it was a huge trip - see all this?  It was $94.99.  Amazing.

There were a few things that rung up incorrectly however, so I called the store and they said I could just come back in with my receipt.  So two days later when I was headed that direction again I stopped in and got the price corrections plus found a bunch more stuff.


  • organic GF pasta for $1.09
  • Clif kids snacks for $1.99/box
  • pectin for $1.24
  • Cocoa for $1.32/can
  • pineapple for $0.49/can
  • corn for $0.39/can
  • organic dark chocolate bars (for DD2 s'mores) $2.00 each
  • organic granola bars $0.99 each box
  • kind granola $1.24
  • pickles $1.04/jar
  • organic salsa $0.99/jar
  • vegan alfredo sauce for $2.09/jar
I also bought a daiya pizza, some bananas, & carrots I wanted to save stopping at another store.  This trip was $64.03

You'd think I'd have stopped at this point, being well over $200 for the week, but no.  I went to Safeway for DD2's slice daiya cheese on Friday morning.  My usual Kroger stores don't have it, & Safeway does.  While there I found a bunch more to buy, naturally.  Olives & relish were on special for $0.99/jar and there were gluten free granola bars and crackers on clearance for $2.49 and $1.29, respectively.  I also got cream cheese I needed for a special dessert that night and while on the dairy aisle found some clearance yogurt.  Organic almond milk was also on sale & I picked up more grapes, bananas, & a couple of apples so I wouldn't have to shop again through the weekend.  I spent $48.77.

Wouldn't you know it I forgot an important ingredient for the special dessert Friday night and had to run down to QFC to grab whipping cream.  While there I couldn't resist a peek and the clearance product shelf and I found $0.99 bags of 4 ear of corn, 6 peaches & an apriocot, and 11 donut peaches!  Talk about fruit-palooza!  When I got home I hid the new grapes in the veggie drawer so my kids will eat the peaches first.  So far, so good.  And I spent $5.66 on this trip.

All in all, I spent $282.41 in week 29.
Year to date 2016: $4,457.82
Weekly Average: $153.72

I'd like to think next week will be better, but I think I'm going to Costco and there's a good chance I'm getting bulk blueberries.  We'll see how it turns out.


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