Monday, December 21, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 50 - $92.82

Somehow I missed the weekly grocery post last week so tonight I'll make two posts if I don't fall asleep first.

Ha! I fell asleep before I typed anything else.

This was a trip to Safeway to use my last $15 off $25 purchase.  I found the yogurt all on clearance, needed some onion & potatoes, and the meat sticks are for holiday party cheese plates.  This purchase ended up $13.90.

I popped into County Market for hot dog buns and scored on $0.25/jar organic baby food!  I made sure the dates were well in advance before I bought to so many.  I also found nitrate free sausages on clearance for $1.99 each package and bought every pack on the shelf.  All of this worked out to $31.95 and a $4.00 catalina printed for the baby food.  Yay!

This was a QFC trip for butter and eggs.  I paid $3.99 for a pound of butter and was irritated at myself for not buying ahead far enough.  Good thing I found some other good deals!  Organic milk was $2.99 on clearance, chips were $2.00 each, 1# bags of shredded cheese were $2.49 each, the sugar was $0.99 and I found a few other things that have been hanging out on my list for while like chocolate chips, rice vinegar, and  was.  I also found a ton of canning lids for just $0.89/box and I bought them all but I don't count that in grocery expense.  I spent $46.97 on groceries.
Week 50 Total: $92.82
Year to Date 2015: $5,493.76
Weekly Average: $109.88


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