Saturday, December 6, 2014

December Update

Quick December Update:

At November 1 we had grown our emergency fund to 53% of our goal.  On November 8 we attended a charity event and were moved to make a donation, but decided to use our emergency fund. On November 12 my sweet father-in-law went home to Jesus and there were some expenses that came up related to that which were also covered by our emergency fund.  We ended up down to 42% of our goal after those events, but the good news is that we were also still able to save new income and replenished up to 45%.  So we'll keep at it.  I estimate we'll be at least 47% and maybe 48% by the end of December. 

My big goal this month is to get my girls' clothes organized.  I made the switch to fall/winter clothes, but the bins are still out in their rooms and I need to sort them more efficiently by size, season, so it's an easier come summertime.

Love, Katie

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