Saturday, August 4, 2012

Produce & Freezer Space

I love this time of year! 

I just reserved 4 boxes of peaches for $15.50 each.  Those usually run about 22 pounds/box so it works out to about $.70/lb. 

I also just reserved 30 pounds of blueberries for $60.  At $2/lb I got the maximum allowed per family!

Yesterday I picked 10 pounds of raspberries at Remlinger Farms for $2/lb, too. 

I am also expecting some "#2" peaches to be available for $8.50/case in 3 weeks but those are never guaranteed.  If I can get those, I'll get another 75 pounds.  Last year we used 125 pounds of peaches by May and I was saving them at the end.  I would absolutely use 175 or even 200 pounds because we use so many peaches in smoothies.

I'm hoping to find a good price on pears and apples, too.  Last year we went through over 100 quarts of applesauce - one of my girls would have pint every morning if I let her.

All this to say I'll be plugging my outside freezer in soon.  My ambitious goal is to have it unplugged for 4 months every summer, but I finally unplugged so late this year (May 15) that I'll be lucky to make it 3 months until August 15, but that's my goal!


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