Friday, August 10, 2012

Overgrown Garden

We arrived home from vacation to find a crazy, overgrown garden.  I didn't have time to do all the things I wanted before I left so I kind of expected it. 

Sorry for the poor lighting

The pumpkins are coming along nicely.  The bottom left is a "giant" plant, but we don't really get enough sun for a huge squash so it's an experiment.  Those orange flowers are all standard pumpkins and their vines are running out of the garden and all over the first round of lettuce which you can see to the right of the blooms.

On the far left is the first round of lettuce, then spaghetti squash in a much-too-small space, celery, and the second round on lettuce on the far right.  I've got to give those spaghetti squash some room.  I'll also want to get any good spaghetti squash recipes from you readers because we're set to have a ton!  You can see one at the bottom center. 

Round 2 of the lettuce is bottom center with bell peppers just above it and jalepenos to the right.  At the top is ridiculously overgrown broccoli.  There are also ridiculous amounts of weeds in this picture.

Here are the tomotoes.  Doing well, but not as well as some of my friends' plants.  Also, a ton of weeds here are using up the tomato's sunshine and water I think.  I've got to get on those!

Round 2 of snap peas have been ignored by the rabbits.  Hooray!  They need stakes.

Round 2 of the green beans were eaten by rabbits again despite my attempts to deter with cayenne pepper and human hair.  Those light green leaves you see down the center of the photo are cucumbers.  I need to weed and give those guys room to grow!  I'm going to let them trail into the green bean stalks.

Zucchini and tomatos pulled off.

I'm really going to put some effort into the garden this weekend.  Hopefully I'll have some nice, tidy photos to share early next week!


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  1. Wow! Look at all those gorgeous tomatoes! "Messy" never trumps "productive" when it comes to gardening.


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