Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June update

Here I am almost two weeks in to June and finally posting an update.  It's been a crazy few weeks for me.  I am back home tonight after two weeks out of town doing two garage sales in two cities on two weekends.  The week before that was, of course, insane trying to get ready to leave on top of garage sale preparation.  Any of you who has had a garage sale know what I'm talking about, right?  It's not just me?

Okay on to goals:

We've been working at saving for our emergency fund, a chunk of cash to cover our bills for at least 3 months should anything catasrophic happen.  In April we only managed to save 1.2% of our goal, but at least it was something!  In May we did much better saving another 4.8%.  There isn't a lot of excess in our standard budget, but DH has a very part-time job teaching one night a week at our local community college and we are putting his entire paycheck from that job straight into savings.  We're even paying the tithe for it out of our regular budget.  My goal for June is to put in 5% .  We're on track to manage it.

Another goal was to use the dryer only 5 times.  That was no problem until about two days before I was supposed to leave town and the weather was junky.  I had to have laundry and I couldn't wait for sun.  I had only used the dryer twice up through May 28, but then I pushed over my limit of 5 loads so I could leave town on May 30 and not leave anything to get ruined in the laundry hampers. 

I didn't price 5 boxes of garage sale stuff per week, but I did get through it all eventually and mostly at the last minute. 

Goals for June (keeping in mind I will only be home 8 days in June):

1. Save 5% of emergency fund (at least!).
2. Use clothes dryer a maximum of 2 times.
3. Get my old desk into the office
4. Post every day on Project TwentySix
5. Weed the garden
6. Keep a thankful list to share in the July update!


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  1. Hi Katie! Glad to hear from you! I have some questions: where do all the Project TwentySix items go - in a garage sale box, or do you just throw them away? And I'm also curious how much money/energy you save by not using the dryer? I know it's an energy hog, but wasn't sure how it added up. You are an amazing person!


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