Friday, December 7, 2012

Monthly Update

This month we were able to save ALMOST the 3% I set as our goal.  We put away another 2.9% so we're at 25.9% of the goal.  Again, it seems like progress is SO slow but it does feel good to cross the 25% mark. 

I did OK on the laundry.  I fell behind last week and had to do a major fold-eight-loads afternoon but otherwise it's working well to wash at least one load a day and fold first thing in the morning before the kids wake up.  Then the kids put their clothes away before breakfast, right after they make beds.  It doesn't seem like a huge chore to them when they're only putting away a short stack.

I've totally dropped ProjectTwentySix the last couple of weeks.  I expected this to happen over the holidays but was hoping to still do a few posts at least.  Oh well.

I'm not completely finished with the office project.  Darn!  But I have only 2 boxes left and I aim to get through them soon!

I did keep a thankful list, but it's not as long as usual so I may have missed a lot!  A huge thanks to Sarah for passing along a free 50# bag of oatmeal that she couldn't use.  I'm sharing with my aunt who like to bulk-buy like me.  Thanks to the wonderful folks at church who work in the gleaning ministry.  We have enjoyed bagels, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, baguette rounds, lettuce, bread, coffeecake, and yummy berry pastries this month which saved a pile on groceries.  Thanks to Micha for sharing produce when she was headed out of town including carrots, potatoes, fennel, lettuce, and tomatoes.  Thanks to Summer for sharing scrapbooking materials with our small group.  To Kracinda for her awesome deal searching and finding both of us a free $25 for milk delivery through Smith Bros. Refer-a-Friend program.  To Sarah and Amelia for sharing Hallmark coupons with me so I could get a much better deal on Christmas ornaments.  To Rachel for the leftover turkey.  And finally, to Sarah for a fun little Christmas gift I already get to enjoy.

Goals for December:
1. Spend only $50/week on groceries
2. Save 1% toward savings goal
3. Pay for 2 airline tickets
4. Finish office organization
5. Keep thankful list in December


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  1. Hi Katie, 2 questions: what is the gleaning ministry? And I'm sure you have a spread sheet on this one, how much do you spend on groceries per week if you average it all out over the year, including all your bulk purchases?


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