Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Meal Plan

Long time, no write! I have been busy with other things which I'll explain on Wednesday in an update, but I have missed you Dear Blog and Dear Readers! A big thanks to Lee, Lisa, Candace, Kracinda, and any other friend who reminded me that you do read the blog and noticed I haven't posted in awhile.

We ran out of milk yesterday and I wasn't able to get to the store because we had last-minute company for dinner. So I busted out my last frozen gallon this morning so the girls could have their cereal and I know I have to use that gallon in the next couple of days. We also have a well-stocked pantry & freezer because of all the holiday food sales so I'm just planning this week (and probably next week) based on what I've got on hand.

Monday - Baked Potato Soup (uses six cups of milk), green salad
Tuesday - Freezer Meal - Italian Chicken over whole wheat linguine, greek salad
Wednesday - Ham, Bean soup, green salad
Thursday - Turkey Pot Pie
Friday - New Year's Eve party
Saturday - New Year's Day party
Sunday - Christmas with extended family

Monday - Grilled Cheese
Tuesday - Quesadilla
Wednesday - Mac & Cheese
Thursday - PB & J
Friday - Taco Salad
Saturday - New Year's Day party
Sunday - Christmas with extended family

Hopefully I'll write again tomorrow!


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  1. Seriously! I've been wondering too but didn't want to bug you about it. Thanks for starting to blog again!


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